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The public keyring, indexes and help file from

For sites wanting a local copy of the key ring info, as well as the data itself, there is a file with the suffix ".sum" which contains the (BSD) checksum of the file. This means that sites can poll for changes of the file simply by fetching the sum file and seeing if that has changed. This file is very small (12 bytes) in comparison with the main keyring (several megabytes). Sites can also check that the datafile has been transferred intact by checking the sum. The files concerned are The default (English) help page for the email-based PGP public-key server at is here, as are the Chinese (TW), Croatian (HR), Czech (CZ), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), Hungarian (HU), Korean (KR), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES) and Swedish (SE) versions.
Richard Brent has analysed the main public keyring to identify those keys which are connected via a chain of signatures to Phil Zimmermann's key (and so to each other). His analysis was performed on the keys available at 1st January 1997. All revoked keys and signatures made by them have been ignored.

trusted.pgp is a keyring containing all keys which PRZ has signed, all keys which those have signed, and so on. trusted.sig is a detached PGP signature for trusted.pgp. trusted.dat.gz is a gzipped listing of those keys in order of distance from the key. For instance, those with distance 1 are signed by prz.acm. trusted.kv.gz is the output of pgp -kv "" trusted.pgp .

strong.pgp is a keyring containing all keys which are reachable to and from PRZ. That is, they have signed or have been signed by (possibly indirectly) strong.sig is a detached PGP signature for strong.pgp and strong.kv.gz is the output of pgp -kv "" strong.pgp .

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